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The forecasted annual growth rate of AI between 2020 and 2027 is 33.2%

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Data Analytics & Strategy

Using a data-driven methodology, we will scale your analytics efforts to measurable business outcomes.

Data Discovery & Augmentation

Using third-party data and predictive analytics, we provide you with holistic customer views.

Data Management

We assist with governance, monetization, and compliance in addition to data synthesis and analytics.

Data Democratization

We tailor user-friendly tools, enabling teams to embrace data and accelerate the transition to AI.

Industrialized Solutions

We offer turnkey analytics and AI solutions for common issues, in addition to tailored solutions for more specific requirements.

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Enable smarter decision making with AI and data science.

Our Data Science & AI Services

Edge AI

We deploy a Cloud native, Edge-first approach to maintain efficiency & real-time performance.

AI Model Development

We develop robust ML models to get ideal results and enhanced performance.

Big Data Solutions

We design, develop, and deploy Big Data Solutions driven by Artificial Intelligence.

AI Transformation

From defining business cases, opportunities to charting a development roadmap, we will boost your AI transformation.

AI Lifecycle Management

We will help you define a systematic approach to operationalize AI by implementing end-to-end AI Lifecycle Management.


We assist in linking systems through integrations with AI ready platforms to make better, more robust software.

Our Process

Filter The Clutter

Enable data in product decision-making.


Our AI Thought Leaders help you understand your business problem.


Our engineers map legacy business cases and workflows onto AI-based software to boost results.

Architecture & Design

We create AI-based systems around your business & use cases to maximize re-usability & add flexibility to your core workflows.

Model Development

Models are the backbone of machine learning systems and may forecast future trends or analyze text or images.

Platform Integration

We connect the model to a RESTFUL API or front-end application, developing all necessary features in an intuitive interface.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Esthetics is a software development company specializing in Data Science and AI services. Our team has extensive experience in implementing end-to-end solutions that use machine learning algorithms and deep learning networks to analyze and extract insights from data.

Esthetics has served clients in a wide range of industries including healthcare, finance, retail, and transportation. Our services have been used to address business challenges such as customer segmentation, fraud detection, predictive maintenance, and sentiment analysis.

Esthetics follows a systematic and data-driven approach to every project we take on. Our process typically involves data collection and exploration, feature engineering, model selection and training, model evaluation and fine-tuning, and deployment.

Yes, Esthetics has experience in developing solutions using both traditional machine learning algorithms and deep learning networks. Our team stays up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field and can recommend the best approach for a given problem.

Yes, Esthetics offers deployment and maintenance services for its AI models. We ensure that the models are deployed in a secure and scalable manner and provide ongoing support to keep the models running smoothly.

Esthetics takes data security and privacy very seriously. Our team follows industry-standard best practices to ensure that client data is handled securely at every stage of a project, from collection to deployment.